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<br />I <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />FUND <br />TRANSFERS <br />(1969-70) <br /> <br />PROPOSED <br />UTILITY TAX <br /> <br />,c.,t " _I {,' <br /> <br />.~ ~: "'" r '" " . <br /> <br />18:7657 <br /> <br />be adjourned; that the additional time will provide an opportunity <br />to meet with the City Manager and review the new material and it is <br />heped an understanding will have been reached by the next meeting. <br /> <br />Mayor Butterworth stated: "Mr. Manager, between now and June 30th, <br />I think it is the wish of this council that you meet with the police <br />and fire representatives at some time convenient tq them within <br />reason. I think the way we feel...if you have an appointment, it <br />would be appreciated if you would make an effort to change it so. <br />that you can meet with these representatives. We know that you will <br />listen to their viewpoints and we want you to listen to their view- <br />points. This doesn't mean that you kneel to. demands which are <br />unreasonable, of course, but we want you to talk to these people <br />and to bargain with them. We believe that you have in the past and <br />we would like that to be the pattern between new and the 30th. I <br />know that yeu and Mr. Francis will make every oppertunity to suit <br />the convenience of the representatives of the police and fire depart- <br />ments. II Council concurred in this expressed thinking. <br /> <br />Gerald Gardner, 1012 W. Puente Avenue, West Covina, President of <br />the Firemens Relief Association, referred to Mr. Cozad's starement <br />that the associatien had submitted a final demand; that what else <br />can it be when there isn't anything else to concede in order to come <br />to an agreement. He referred to a Memorandum of Agreement which was <br />approved by Council a year ago and asked that the City Manager be <br />instructed to include all fire personnel in said agreement and to <br />recommend the average salary of the 16 city annual survey in his <br />recommendation, He also stated in part that only the exclusion of <br />three positions from the agreement is standing in the way of reaching <br />a solution; that they would meet at any time and continue negotiatiens <br />if this is understood. <br /> <br />Mayor Butterworth stated in part that he weuld hepe the Firemens <br />Association would meet with the City Manager with a little bit more <br />of a flexible mind than that expressed at this time. He then in- <br />structed the City Manager to adhere to the Agreement made with the <br />Association; that whether or not it ebtains the result that the <br />association considers to be a final demand er net is something that <br />has to. be handled with the City Manager and the Personnel Director; <br />that he hoped they will meet and confer. <br /> <br />Before the close of the fiscal year it is necessary that Council <br />authorize fund transfers as recemmended by the Director of Finance. <br />Whereupon it was MOVED by Councilman Hage, seconded by Councilman <br />Arth and carried on rell call vote as follows, that authorization <br />be given for fund transfers as set forth in the report dated June <br />18, 1970. <br /> <br />AYES: <br />NOES: <br />ABSENT: <br /> <br />Councilmen Arth, Considine, Hage, Helms, Butterworth <br />None <br />None <br /> <br />The City Manager advised that funds which will result from revenue <br />provided in the existing budget for next year will be inadequate and <br />suggested that an ordinance imposing a utility user's tax be prepared <br />for council consideration; that staff be directed to meet with the <br />Utility Companies in this regard. <br /> <br />Discussion ensued on the enactment of such a tax and it was pointed out <br />that the State, from time to time, preempts a local source of revenue <br />such as eccurred with the cigarette tax and the realty transfer tax; <br />that the League of California Cities advises that the State is about to <br />pass a utility tax which would preclude any City from leveling a utility <br />user's tax if it has not done so prior to. the enactment of such legis- <br />lation, With this explanation any objections held by Ceuncilman Hage <br /> <br />- 3 - <br /> <br />6-25-70 <br />