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<br />18:7656 <br /> <br />Mayer Butterworth then stated: "It is now time reserved for those in <br />the audience who wish to address the City Council, and I would like to <br />tell you what I think about your press release so that you will have an <br />adequate opportunity to reply, I can start off by stating that r think <br />it is beneath contempt. At eur last meeting we were unable to arrive <br />at a conclusion with the police department and the fire department and <br />it seemed that additional time was necessary for bargaining. Fer the <br />convenience of the fire and police departments, we put this meeting <br />over a very short period of time. We didn't have very many days in <br />which to go before we wanted to meet again because we thought it was <br />convenient for you. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />"All of us are working men here and you that were here saw us take our <br />calendars and we had commitments every single night between the time <br />of the last meeting and today. We went over these calendars and we <br />could not find a night when the five of us were free, We all are <br />working men. I am dewn at my office at 7:45 in the morning. One of us <br />works in Los Angeles, one in Pasadena, one is a local attorney and the <br />other a loc& businessman. The only time that we could meet in order <br />to carry out our negotiations here and not cut off negotiations with <br />the fire and police was 6:30 this morning. Now there was nobody in <br />the audience when we publicly announced that meeting that made the <br />slightest protest. Nobody, A simple telephone call to the City <br />Manager or to me or to any of my colleagues, or a letter stating that <br />this meeting was inconvenient for the policemen and the firemen and <br />that they would prefer that we go a little bit longer and meet at <br />night, would have been all that was sufficient and as far as I know <br />it wasn't even attempted and it wasn't attempted I think because the <br />representative of the police department did net want to attempt it. And <br />I come to the regrettable conclusion that there is in process at this <br />time no attempt to mitigate a problem, but to aggravate a problem. The <br />police representative that made this release to the newspaper was not <br />seeking a selution to a preblem, he was seeking to. intensify the problem. <br /> <br />"This statement in the newspaper of secret and clandestine tactics for <br />a 6:30 meeting in the light of that background and, I think it bears <br />repeating at least in the judgment of the chair, is beyond contempt <br />and I cannot believe that it represents the thinking or the attitude <br />ef the excellent men in both the fire and police departments that we <br />have guarding the safety and welfare of this community. I simply refuse <br />to believe that this represents their thinking. And I think it was a <br />most unfortunate release to make and I can't imagine what the man who <br />made the release had en his mind when he made that release unless it <br />was to intensify problems we are trying to find a solution to. II <br /> <br />Councilman Arth stated in part that Council has, under legally authorized <br />terms, held executive sessions since the last council meeting, to discuss <br />in detail the demands of the four associations; that council has been <br />in touch constantly and working to try to reach satisfactory solutions. <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />Mayor Butterwerth stated in part that in view of the press statement <br />concerning what appears to be an attempt on the part of Council to <br />conduct a secret and clandestine meeting, he felt another meeting should <br />be scheduled. He asked if June 30 at 7:30 P.M., would be convenient and <br />acceptable to all concerned. No ene responded to the contrary <br />and the meeting will be so held. <br /> <br />AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION <br /> <br />Richard Mauch, 2500 S. Santa Anita Avenue, President ef the Police <br />Relief Association, expressed appreciation to Council for its gracious- <br />ness in scheduling the meeting at a convenient time so that all ;ho so <br />desired could attend. <br /> <br />Ronald Liebow, attorney for the police association, also expressed <br />gratitude to Council for the day and hour to which this meeting will <br /> <br />6-25-70 <br /> <br />- 2 - <br /> <br />, <br />