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<br />18:7565 <br /> <br />HEARING Determination to be made by Council as to whether or not buildings at <br />(Unsafe 141 and 143 Bonita Street are unsafe as defined by Section 203 as <br />Buildings) amended of the Uniform Building Code, 1967 Edition, and whether same <br />.~ shall be ordered abated by demolition or removal in accordance with <br />p.. I., ~ " '(.:1 procedure prescribed therein. The City Manager advised that the buildings <br />~ on said property have deteriorated to the point where they must be brought <br />l-;1/~^, """&; .,..1 up to code or demolished. <br />/V--e;..-t...' .:/-;,. , <br /> <br />Mayor Arth declared the hearing open and William Beckwith, 143 E. Sycamore <br />Avenue, advised that he represents the owner of 143 Bonita Street and that <br />an escrow has been opened for the sale of this parcel. He asked that any <br />demolition be delayed until after March 3rd at which time the lot would <br />be cleared. He added that up to the present time he has been unable to <br />locate the owner of record and could not speak on the other parcel (141 <br />Bonita) . <br /> <br />HEARING <br />SCHEDULED <br />(Ice <br />f. IA Ska~ing) <br />, '({?7....,t- ~ <br />, 1'1:'; ~ 61"~': <c ( <br />""""r- " <br />REQUESt TO <br />MODIFY <br />SPECIAL <br />USE PERMI'l: <br />dAPPROVED <br />-f'-- /39 <br /> <br />(a) <br />AWARD OF <br />CONTRACT <br />(Pipeline) <br />.7- //9,;:( <br /> <br />(b) <br />ST. JQSEPH <br />RESERVOIR <br />NO. 2 EIDS <br />REJECTED <br />/- /h"..< <br /> <br />It was the consensus of Council that a continuance might afford an <br />opportunity to resolve the entire matter and the hearing was CONTINUED <br />until the regular meeting of February 3, 1970 on MOTION by Councilman <br />Hage, seconded by Councilman Considine and carried unanimously. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />During the interim, staff will check into the status of an abandoned <br />ice box or refrigerator which the Police Department had reported as <br />being on the property. <br /> <br />An addition to the Zoning Ordinance Text had been recommended by the <br />Planning Commission to allow an ice skating rink in Zone C-l or in a <br />less restrictive zone providing a conditional use permit were granted. <br />The matter requires a public hearing which was scheduled for February <br />3,1970. <br /> <br />The Planning Director explained that a request had been received from <br />the owner of Century Rock Products for modification of Resolution No. <br />2973 to permit additional excavation equipment on a portion of the <br />subject site; that some questions had arisen as to whether the method <br />being used in excavation is permitted under said resolution. The City <br />Attorney advised that the operation is not a violation of the resolution; <br />that there is no question of legality in the matter, whereupon it was <br />MOVED by Councilman Hage, seconded by Councilman Helms and carried <br />unanimously that the requested modification be APPROVED. <br /> <br />The City Manager explained that bids for the construction of the St. <br />Joseph Reservoir No. 2 (Schedule No. I) the 30" transmission main <br />(Schedule No. II), the new roof of St. Joseph Reservoir No.1 (Schedule <br />No. III) had been received on January 19; that the bidders on Schedule <br />Nos, I and III did not qualify under the terms of the specifications. <br />He recommended the rejection of these bids with the award of the contract <br />to the low bidder for the pipeline (Schedule No. II). <br /> <br />Whereupon it was MOVED by Councilman Hage, seconded by Councilman <br />Considine and carried on roll call vote as follows, that the low bid <br />of Vido Samarzich Company in the amount of $85,000, for the construction I <br />of a 30-inch ductile iron pipe transmission main together with valves <br />and fittings, be accepted and a contract awarded therefor; that all <br />other bids for this work be rejected and that the Mayor and City Clerk <br />be and they are hereby authorized to execute the contract in form <br />APPROVED by the City Attorney. <br /> <br />AYES: <br />NOES: <br />ABSENT: <br /> <br />Councilmen Considine, Hage, Helms, Arth <br />None <br />Councilman Butterworth <br /> <br />It was further MOVED by Councilman Hage, seconded by Councilman Helms <br />and carried unanimously that all bids received for the construction of <br />the St. Joseph Reservoir No.2 (Schedule I) and the new roof for St. <br />Joseph Reservoir No. 1 (Schedule III) be rejected; that the City Clerk <br />be and she is hereby authorized to advertise for new bids to be received <br />February 16, 1970, at II A. M. <br /> <br />1-20-70 <br /> <br />- 2 - <br />