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<br />TRACT <br />NO. 25174 <br />(Tentative <br />Map <br />Approved) <br /> <br />~ /~/f <br /> <br />TRACT <br />.../ NO. 30713 <br />'Y . /~O" <br />STREETS <br />ACCEPTED <br /> <br />18:7554 <br /> <br />was more appropriate. He referred to the traffic at the intersection <br />and from the shopping center at Santa Anita Avenue west to El Monte <br />Avenue. He subscribed to the endeavor of Council not to restrict <br />business but felt it is essential for Council to do what is best for <br />the community; that traffic studies should be made available to the <br />Commission during its deliberation and that such study was not made <br />for this particular location; that in his opinion it should be denied <br />based on the location; that he could see no reason for an exception.,. <br />particularly in view of the existing traffic problem to which it would <br />only add. <br /> <br />Councilman Rage concurred with Messrs. Butterworth and Considine with <br />the thought that in his opinion it is a good development for the area. <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Mayor Arth questioned the location and was concerned with the traffic <br />generated in the area, He felt that such a business would be best <br />located in a large parking lot in a shopping center in that it would <br />not take up more than one car space in such a center and referred to <br />the denial of two similar applications. <br /> <br />Councilman Considine MOVED to SUSTAIN the Planning Commission action <br />in granting the conditional use permit as set forth in Resolution No. <br />688, subject to all conditions therein, Motion seconded by Councilman <br />Butterworth and carried on roll call vote as follows: <br /> <br />AYES: <br />NOES: <br />ABSENT: <br /> <br />Councilmen Butterworth, Considine) Rage <br />Councilmen Arth, Helms <br />None <br /> <br />Planning Commission recommendation for approval of the tentative map <br />of Tract No, 25174 (1611 and 1621 N. Rodeo Road) subject to conditions <br />imposed by the Commission and the Department of Public Works. The <br />Council concurred that it appeared to be a good development and although <br />the subdivider, Arthur Bauman, requested the deletion of the requirement <br />for the construction of sidewalks, Council was in accord that there is <br />a safety factor involved what with vehicles of all sorts, roller skating, <br />skate boarding and the like; and noted the subdivision ordinance requires <br />such installation which adds to the overall development of the entire city <br />when they are concurrently installed. It was then MOVED by Councilman <br />Helms, seconded by Councilman Considine and carried unanimously that the <br />tentative map of Tract No. 25174 be APPROVED subject to all conditions. <br /> <br />Upon notice of the City Manager, Director of Public Works and the Water <br />'Manager that all improvements in Tract No. 30713, 1312-1328 S. Eighth <br />Avenue, have been satisfactorily completed, it was MOVED by Councilman <br />Hage, seconded by Councilman Butterworth and carried unanimously that <br />the streets in said tract be accepted for maintenance by the city. <br /> <br />STREET Council, on MOTION by Councilman Helms, seconded by Councilman Considine <br />RELINQUISH- and carried unanimously, did not object to the proposed relinquishment <br />MENT (Foothill)of Foothill Boulevard between Santa Anita and Fifth Avenues by the State <br />,poJtion Division of Highways, Staff noted that in addition to obtaining juris- <br />0,' A,;f;J'~'..t:..'..J diction of the Foothill Boulevard right-of~way within said limits, the <br />City would also obtain jurisdiction of traffic signals located at First <br />Avenue and at Second Avenue. <br /> <br />STOP SIGN <br />INSTALLATION <br /> <br />t./' <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />Upon advice of the City Manager and the Director of Public Works that <br />the recent opening of Camino Grove Avenue at the intersection with <br />Eighth Avenue - and its proximity to the Camino Grove School - there <br />are adequate warrants to justify the installation of a boulevard stop <br />sign to control west bound traffic, Council adopted the following <br />resolution. <br /> <br />12-16-69 <br /> <br />- 2 - <br />