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<br />l8 :7325 <br /> <br />SECTION 4l2. PLACE OF MEETINGS. Ac~epted draft dated August 9. <br />SECTION 4l5. EMERGENCY ORDINANCES. Accepted draft dated August 9. <br /> <br />SECTION 4l7. ADOPTION OF CODES BY REFERENCE. Accepted draft dat~d August 9 <br />with word deletions as noted thereon. <br /> <br />SECTION 4l8. THE ARCADIA MUNICIPAL CODE. Accepted draft dated August 9. <br /> <br />SECTION 4l9. ORDINANCE. WHEN EFFECTIVE. First sentence to read "An <br />ordinance shall become effective on the thirty-first day after its <br />adoption, or at any later date specified therein, except the following..." <br /> <br />SECTION 420. PUBLISHING OF LEGAL NOTICES. Accepted draft dated August 9. .1 <br /> <br />ARTICLE V <br />THE CITY CLERK <br /> <br />SECTION 501. CONTINUATION OF PRESENT CITY CLERK. Deleted the word <br />"appointed" in second line in draft dated August 2. <br /> <br />SECTION 503. VACANCIES. FORFEITURE OF OFFICE. FILLING OF VACANCIES. <br />Accepted draft dated August 5 except the word "any" in last line to be <br />changed to "such" and add after the last word "term" the words "or until <br />the next general municipal election whichever shall first occur." The <br />City Attorney to expand this paragraph to include a provision that the <br />newly elected clerk would serve for the remainder of the unexpired term. <br />.,,' <br /> <br />NOTE: In certain instances, section numbers will have to be changed. <br /> <br />ARTICLE V (Will be renumbered as Article VI) <br />THE CITY MANAGER <br /> <br />SECTION 600. CITY MANAGER. SELECTION AND QUALIFICATIONS. Accepted <br />draft dated August 2 with deletion of third paragraph thereon. <br /> <br />SECTION 60l. REMOVAL OF CITY MANAGER. Accepted draft dated August 5. <br /> <br />ARTICLE VI <br />OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES <br /> <br />SECTION 602. DIRECTOR OF FINANCE. New (g) of August 2 will become <br />(0 in new draft to read "supervise the collection, receipt and the <br />deposit of all moneys payable to the city in a depository designated <br />by the councilor by the city manager, if the council has not acted <br />and in compliance with all applicable laws". <br /> <br />SECTION 602. TREASURER. The word "and" to be substituted for "or" <br />in last sentence. Draft dated August 5. <br /> <br />ARTICLE VII <br />BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />Reference to DEPARTMENT HEADS or APPOINTED ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS <br />to be changed to DEPARTMENT ADMINISTRATOR in every instance. City <br />Attorney to define pursuant to Government Code of the State. <br /> <br />SECTION 704. MEETINGS. CHAIRMEN. Accepted new draft of August 5. <br />Last sentence in first paragraph to read "Provisions of section 411 <br />hereof relating to the Ralph M. Brown Act, shall apply to all meetings <br />of boards and commissions, and, subject to the provisions of said act, <br />all meetings shall be ope~ to the public. <br /> <br />. -- ~ . ~ ~ ~. "~'-'-< - .~~ - - . -" . --" '.. ~ . - "-'~ <br />::';"i'" 8-11-68 <br /> <br />ATTTt.:S1 <br /> <br />- 2 - <br /> <br />-_.--- <br />~ 1:1:;; ~i"e:i!:!~. <br />