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<br />RESOWTI GNH NO. <br /> <br />-5p-- <br /> <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE CITY OF ARCADIA <br />APPROVING MAP OF TRACT NO. 6509 BEING A RESUBDIVISION OF'A PORTION <br />OF'T,OT 1 OF TRACT NO. 4090, IN THE CITY OF ARC.A.DIA,. AND f\CCEPTI NG <br />ON BEHALF OF THE PUBLIC THE PORTIONS OF CAMINO REAL, HOLLY, LOV/ELL, <br />LeROY AND NAOMI AVF.NUES, SHOM~ UPON SAID MAP WITHIN THE SAID CITY <br />OF ARCADIA. <br /> <br />THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE CITY OF ARCADIA DO RESOLVE AS <br />FOL loOW S : <br /> <br />SECTION l: Tlmt the Map of Tract No. 6509, being a re- <br /> <br /> <br />subdivisHm of a portion of Lot 1 of Trc.ct No. 4-090, as per map <br /> <br /> <br />recorded in Book 43, Page 47 of MdpS, Records of Los Angeles County, <br /> <br /> <br />heretofore submitted to said Board of Trustees for'its approval, be <br /> <br />and the same is hereby approved and accepted as such, together with <br /> <br />that portion of Camino Real, Holly, LeRoy and Naomi Avenues, re <br /> <br />shown ther eon, wi thi n said Ci ty of Arcao ia, Californ ia, are her eby <br /> <br />accepted as Public Avenues, provided that nothing herein contai.ned <br /> <br />shall be construed as an.acceptance of runy improvement made in or <br /> <br />upon said Avenues shown on said Map. <br /> <br />SECTION 2: BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the City Clerk of <br /> <br />said City be andshe is hereby instructed to indorse in due form such <br /> <br />approval and acceptance upon said Map and affix the Corporate Seal <br /> <br />of said City of Arcadia thereto, and to certify to the passage and <br /> <br />adoption of this Resolution. <br /> <br />_Adopt.ed and approved this ;f.-Ii!.> day of April, 1923. <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />.- <br /> <br />r <br /> <br />sivt~ <br /> <br />President of the Board of Trustees. <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />- <br />--- <br /> <br />./ <br /> <br />ATT.EST: <br /> <br />UW'C~~- <br /> <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA, } <br />COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES, SS. <br />CITY OF ARCADIA. <br /> <br />I, Ethel G. Farwell, City Clerk of the City of Arcadia, <br />do hereby certify that the foregoing Resolution was duly aQopted by <br />the Board of Trustees of the City of Arcadia, State of California, <br />and signed by therLresident of said Board at a regular meeting there- <br />of held on the A day of April, 1923, and that the same was ca~- <br />ried by the following votes, to-wit: <br /> <br />AYES: Trustees ~^.<..----A.R.n~A)' ~J!. aj ~// <br />. (-. <br />NOES: Trustees /~ <br /> <br />QQyu..,~,~ q~~ ~ i{,~ <br /> <br />;8..0. 9J <br />