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<br />~ <br />~ <br />.~-- <br /> <br />:ill;JOLUTIOlJ PC. r I <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />U_, <br /> <br />A Resolution of the Board of :t'rustees of the City of <br /> <br />Arcadia, au!'rovin", J:.:ap of 'l'ract ITo. 6t.,85 , Beino; a <br /> <br />subdivision of a portion of Lot 51, Santa Anita Colony <br />in the City of.Arcadia. <br /> <br />'.:'lIT" Be E"IJ C7 'E,Uf:TEEG 0"" '.rIIE CITY CF A:rtCAllL :DC rr:mBY <br /> <br />RESOLVE AS F01LO~S: <br /> <br />That the l:ap of 'I'ract ;;0. 6485, being a subdivil3ion <br /> <br />of a portion of Lot 51, Santa Anita colony as per map <br /> <br />recorded in Book 42, page 8'1, I.;iscel1aneous Records of <br /> <br />Los Angeles County, California, heretofore subnitted <br /> <br />to this Board for its a':.provnl, be and the sam" is here- <br /> <br />by a.,)proved end accepted as such. <br />BE IT J'U?Tm::; l1;::SOL\2ill:lli.T the City Ulerk be ancl she <br /> <br />is hereby instructed to indorse in dut' form such apT.roval <br /> <br />and accept,SIlce upon said map and to affix the Oi ty Seal <br /> <br />thereto, and certify to the passage of this ::esolution. <br /> <br />Adopted this <br /> <br />J.f.R <br /> <br />day of 0 ~.h. 9 <br />\ <br /> <br />1923. <br /> <br />,J,~~ <br /> <br />yresident of the Board of ~rust('es, <br />of the Cit,; of "~rcaHa. <br />. <br /> <br />.A TTP.S '1.': <br /> <br /> <br />Ci t;y- Clerk 0:1' the CHy o:t ~'rcadia. <br /> <br />.........- <br /> <br />f[1<).?/ <br />