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<br />11 <br />111 <br />. <br />. <br />z!i 3 <br />Z" i:! 1 <br />..... <br />=':5.. <br />a..11! 14 <br />"::~3 <br />dJe 15 <br />"Eel <br />..0... <br />-'I: I" 18 <br />Cc.O <br />. ii- <br />: 17 <br /> <br />lZ4 <br />'25 <br />28 <br />27 <br />28 <br /> <br />29 <br />30 <br />31 <br />32 <br /> <br />.... <br /> <br />~- <br /> <br />RESOLUTION UO. 47. <br /> <br />A RESOLU'l'ION 03' ~HE BOARD OF TRUSTEBS OF THE CITY OF AR- <br />1 CADIAI SUB.dI'l'TIUG TO THE QUALI~'I;m ELECTORS OF SAID CITY AHD THE <br />:2UALli'IED VOTERS III !L'~ TimRlTORY ADJACENT TO SAID CI~Y .AIm \;mCB <br />2 IS PROPOSED TO BE AUNEXED TBiilRETO AT A Sr6CIAL :ilLECTIOR <br />TO BE HELD IH SAID CITY OF ARCADIA ON TEE 16th. DAY OF 11OU:.~'ER, <br />3 1920, AUD IB TBji; TERRI~ORY \.'BICB IS SO rROPOSED TO BE AUll3X3D, :Jl:3 <br />PROP03InOH OF AL':..'Elm:G THE BOtmDARIES Oll' ADD .POR 3lE AUBi:xA!L'IOli <br />4 OF ::AID TERRITOR!: ~'O 2AID cny OF AROADIA AllD !L'BE PROPERTY ~-:I!L'HIB <br />SUCH TERRI!L'ORY AFTER 3AID ABIlEXA.!L'IOB BE SUBJECT !L'O !L'AIATIOIl E~UALL <br />5 \lIm mE PROPERTI \!I'l'HIB !JAID CITY OF ARCADIA, TO PD AllY AIID ALL <br />OF mill OurSTAUDIBG BOBDED IllDEBTEDBESS 01' SAID CITY 0] ARCADIA; <br />8 DESIGIW!IHG SAID T:':RRITORY BY TH!!: N!I.Dl OF EAST ARCADU ABU:::xATIOIl <br />DISTRICT; ESTAB:liISBIBG AI ELECT lOll PRECIll'CT ADD THE POLLI:!G PLACll <br />7 IN ~AID TERRITORY; APPOliI!L'IUG THE i>FFICERS OF 3Li~CTIOlf ldID PROVIlJ- <br />IlfG FOR lHE PUBLlCATIOlf 01' NOTICE TBEa:XOF, <br /> <br />B <br />9 <br /> <br />tlHEREAS, The Board of Trllstees of the City of Arcadia <br /> <br />baS received a written petition aSking that certain new territory <br />10 <br /> <br />18 <br />19 <br /> <br />particularly desoribed in said petition, be annexed to said City <br />of Aroad ia, am <br />\mEREAS, said territory so proposed to be annexed to sai <br />CiV of Aroadia is situate in the County of Los ADr-eles, State of <br />California am is contiga.ollS to said City of Aroadia and said pe- <br />tition oontains a particular description of said territory in the <br />words and figures as hereinafter in this Res 0 lllti on described, and <br />tlHEREAS, said peti tion is signed by more than one-fifth <br />in namber of the qwalified eleotors of said City of Arcadia, com- <br /> <br />pllted Ilpon the number of votes oast at the last General i.Iunicipal <br />20 <br /> <br />21 <br />22 <br />23 <br /> <br />Eleotion held therein, and <br />\~S, said new territor,v,so proposed to be annexed to <br />said City of Aroadia does not form a part of al\V munioipal oorpor- <br />ation, and it appears that said territory is inhabited and that <br />the oocllpants thereof are bona fide residents of 88id new terri- <br />tOry, and <br /> <br />iffiJREAS, said petition contains a reqllost that the Board <br />of TrllBtees of said City of Arcadia sllbmit at a speoial <br />eloction to be held in sa1A City of Aroadia on Tllesday, Uovember <br />16, 19m, and at the eleotion to be held in said territory on Baid <br />16th. da;v of Ilovember, 1920, to the electors residing in said Oi ty <br />ena in Baid new territory, the question whether said new territory <br />Bhall be annoxed to, incorporated in aild made a part of Baid Oi ty <br /> <br />-1- <br /> <br />taG. if7 <br />