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<br />_. <br />"-. . <br /> <br />.." <br /> <br />... <br /> <br />RESOLUTION NO. 31 <br /> <br />~dEREAS,'the Railroad Commission of the State of California has authorized a <br />rai~e and increAse in rates and fares charged by the Pacific Electric Railway <br />Company on its line in and through the City of Arcadia. <br />~nd an application for a further incr-ase is now pending. and <br />WHEREAS, it is impracticabl~ to attempt a further fight against said increase <br />of rates or to successfully prosecute an application for a decrease in rates unless <br />this city co~operates with other cities in securing the nece_sary evidence to proceed <br />with some assurance of accomplishing re~ultsl and <br />WHEREAS, it is the sense of this :ody that an application for the general re- <br />duction of fares on the Pacific Electric Railway Goompany should be filed with the <br />Railroad Commission as soon as the necessary evidence and information can be secured, <br /> <br />NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: <br /> <br />FIRST: That the City of . 4rca4ie . . . . . join with other cities having. <br />to~ether with this City, a total of at least two hundred thousand population, in pay- <br />ing its proportionate share of the expenses hereinafter SHt forth, in a total amount <br />not to exceed. $50.00. . . . . Dollars to be paid by this City. <br />SECOND: That Mr. Fran~lin D. Howell be employed as consulting engineer and <br />Messrs. Klink, Bean & Company be employed as accountants for this city to assi~t the <br />city attorney in the preparation of a report of the condition of the Pacific Electrio <br />Railway Company, to be used by this City in whatever matters it may hereAfter be <br />necessary or useful. <br />THJRD: That tne compensation to be paid said consulting engineer and accountant <br />8hall be at the following rates: <br />Chief Englneers and a:countants <br />Assistant Chief R'nl!,ineers and Accountants <br />Ordinary Assistants to. the Chief or Assistant <br />Chief Engineer and ~ccountant 15.00 per day. <br />The pr')portionate part of said compen~ation owed by this City shall be pa1.d on <br />or before the Ifth day of each month on presenta~ion of ltemlzed bill. <br /> <br />$~(l.OO per daYl <br />,5.00 per daYI <br /> <br />FOURTH: <br />be deemed to <br />than. .t. . <br />said work. <br />FIFTH: The City Attorney shall, in conjunction with the Special Committee of <br />the City Attorney's Association of Southern California, cumpute and agree upon the <br />proper percentage of the cost of said work to be paid by the City of ,Ar.ce,di.,a. . . <br />which shall not be more than said . t.. . . per cent. <br />SIXTH: The sum of $.15.QO. . is hereby appropriated from the. . . . <br />hmd to retain guch Chief Engineer and Accountant, whereof tlie sum of $2,00. <br />shall be paid to Franklin D. Howell and the sum of $ln.OO. . . shall ba paid to <br />Klink, Bean & Company un presentation of demand against said fund. The sums so paid <br />shall be credited on the total amount to be oaid by this City on final settlement . <br />with said Franklin D. Howe~l as Consulting Engine~r and said Klink, Bean & Company <br />a8 Accountant hereunder. <br /> <br />The City of 4 rcadia. . . ., for the purpose of this proceeding, ahall <br />have a population of . 1,000 . . and shall be liable to pay not more <br />. per ~ent of said billa as its proportionate part of the coat of <br /> <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA, ) <br />County of )8S. <br /> <br />T. _l.thLtO~~j_ City Clerk of the City of a(..{'A7~~~_ <br />C~fifornia, do e .eby certify the forpgoing to be a full, true and correct r.opy <br />of ~he origin 1 R solution, Numbered ~_~. adopted by the Board of City <br />- of said City at (ts meeting held on ~he d. ~ day of <br />Ju lY19, cnfile in my office and as the same appears of record in the Minutes <br />of id Board, and that I havH carefully compared the same with the original. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Seal <br />of said City this. ,3 .lr4 day of JU" 1911' , <br /> <br />f~~ ~~J <br />City Clerk 0 f the City 0 f. ~ r:t.. \ Cal Hornia. <br /> <br />;fl-<J' 5/ <br /> <br />