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<br />. <br /> <br />.. <br /> <br />HESOLUTIOB.IO. 3 i <br /> <br />a <br /> <br />1 A. BESOLUTIOB OF THE BOA-lID OF TRUS'!EES OF THE CITY OF AR- <br />CADIA. DETERMINING AND DECLARING THAT TBE PIlBLI C IBTEREST A1f]) IEC- <br />I lISSITY Dmwm THE ACQUISITIOB, COBSTRUCTIOI AJD COMPLETIOB aB' A. <br />CERTAtI BEVElUE-PRODUCIIG lmHICIPAL IUPROVElfENT, SPECIFYING THE <br />3 SAllE AND DECLARING ITS IHTEBTIOB TO CALL A SPECIAL ELECTIOB FOR <br />THE pumaSSIOD TO THE QUA,f.IFIED VOTERS OF SAID CITY OF ARCADU OJ' <br />. TJ:IE PROPOSITIOB OF IICl.""RlUm A. BONDED IBDEBTEDHESS FOR THE PURPOSE <br />OF THE ACQUISITIOI, COllSTRUCTIOB AlID COlrlPLE'fIOI OF THE SALm. <br />~ <br />THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OJ' THE CITY OF ARCADIA DO RESOLVE <br />8 AS FOLLO\'IS: <br /> <br />7 <br /> <br />SEeTIOI 1: That the publio interest and necessit7 demand <br /> <br />8 the aoquisition, construotion and oompletion bl said Citl of Ar- " <br />9 oadla of a certain revenue-produol:ug, munloipal improvement, to- <br />10 Wit: . <br /> <br />11 <br /> <br />\'later works for developi:ug, supplJ'ing aDd distributing <br /> <br />11 water for domestic, irrigation and other purposes to said Oit7 of <br /> <br />. <br />2 ! 13 Arcadia and the inhabitants thereof, includi:ug the aoquisition of <br />2.n <br />. ~:5.1 1. <br />D..II: <br />.c iI <br />. ..... ~a 1~ <br />. w. booster pamps, motors, _ohiDe17,app~:at118 and other propert7 nec <br />:hl <br />~5ii 18 essar;y therefor and a180 includiJIg iD conjunction with 's~d W8:ter <br />it .- 17 <br />I works, the aoquisi tion, construotion rmd completion of a well or <br /> <br />18 wells, tank 01' tanks, reservoir or reservoirs, pipes, pipe ,liDes, <br /> <br />19 water maiDs, conduits, laterals, and meters and other works nec- <br />110 <br />88sar.v therefor and that said improvement is neoessar.v and con- <br /> <br />lands, ster rightsi easelll8nts, rights of wq, pumping plant, <br /> <br />III <br /> <br />venient "to oarr.v out the objeots, plUposes and powers of said Cit <br />III ( <br />That the estimated o~ of the same is $160,000.00; that said coe <br />is and will be too great to be 'paid ou.t of the ordilJ817 annual <br /> <br />113 <br /> <br /> <br />114 <br />liS <br /> <br />inoome and revenue of Baid Oi t;y of Aroadia and it 1s the iDtentio <br />of said Board of Trustees to call a special eleotion for the sub- <br /> <br />18 <br />mission to the qualified voters of said Oi t7 of Aroadia of the <br />17 <br />proposition of incurring a bonded indebtedness in the sum of <br />88 <br />$160,000.00 for the purpose of .the aoquisi tion, oaDstrllOtion and <br /> <br />19 <br />30 <br />31 <br />31 <br /> <br />completion of said revenue-produoing Aanicipal improvement. <br />SEOTIOl!l 2: The OU7 Olerk shall oert1f'7 to the adoption <br />of this Resolution. <br />. The foregoing Resolution was adopted at a reg~ar meetin <br /> <br />-1- <br /> <br />B~3~ <br />