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<br />. <br />RESOLUTIOI ~.IHTEN~I~B <br />DO. 28. ' <br /> <br />"'!" <br /> <br />lI',. . <br />.... I!'- <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />1 ,A. llESOLUTIOll' OF THE :BOAaD 0"1 TRUSTEES 00' T:nl CI~Y :)L' <br />ARCADIA. DECWIllG IfS IVf3IlfIOB TO Iili-"ROVE A PORTIOP. OF FIRSf AVE- <br />1iI HUE 18 SAID CITY OF ARCADIA. AIm DEC:.ARI:!G THAT SERIAL :BO~;DS SH.!..IoL <br />3 :B6 I~SUED TO REPRESENT THE COST THE:.UlOJ. <br />.4 THE :BOABD (]B' TRUSTEES OJ THE CITY OF ARC.WIA. DO RE- <br />SOLVE AS FOLLaHB: ' <br /> <br />5 <br /> <br />::ECTIOI 1: That the public interest and convenienoe <br /> <br />8 require and it is the intention of the Board of ir~stees of 88id <br />7 9Ity of Arcadia to order the following street nork and improvement <br />B to be done in sdd City of Aroadia, to-Tlit: <br />o <br /> <br />First: That a.-oement sidewalk five (5) feet in width <br /> <br />10 e oonstruoted to the official line and Brade along the easterly <br />11 Ine of the roadway ~f said FIRST AVENUE fro~ a line dra~ across <br />11i1 said First Avenue parallel with and 9.5 feet southerly of the <br />I. 13 <br />z 5 c orther17 ,line of FALLIHG LEAJ!I AVEilUE to a line draw across <br />~!iI14 Irst Avenue parallel \'f1th and 298.'1 feet north of the northerly <br />:i I: 15 1ne of t[.ALlIUT AVEfIUE, and also, that a cement sideT1&lk five (5) <br />"'B~118 . <br />~I:;i eet in Width be oonstruoted to the offioial liDe and grade aloDg <br />;"11 17 ' <br />; the nesterly line of the roadWB7 of said First Avenue from a line <br />c <br />18 rana across said First Avenue 9.6 'feet southerly from aDd parallel <br />, . <br /> <br />10 <br />th the northerly line of Falling Leaf Avenue to a liDe draw ac- <br />1iI0 <br />ross sa14 First Avenue 9.6 feet northe~ly from and parallel to <br />11 . , " <br />the. southerlY liDe of SABTA CLARA STHEE'J! uroduced easterly, includ- <br />. ... . - <br />1iI1 ' . <br />ing returns at ~treet interseotions, in acoordance with Improvement <br />~ " <br />Plan 10.,C 101, adopted by said Board of Trustees for said ~rork and <br /> <br />1iI4 on file in the offioe of the City En61neer of said City aDd in fur- <br />15 <br />ther acoordance w1t~ Special Specifications "An ,therefor, ado)tod <br />18 <br />by Resolution Bo.' 2'1 of said :Board or Trustees and on file in tho <br />17 <br />office of the City Clerk of said City. <br /> <br />18 <br /> <br />Seoond: That a oement ourb be construoted to the of- <br /> <br />10 <br />ficial line and grade along the easterly line of the road'~.of <br />30 <br />Beid ~IRST AVEL~ from the northerly curb line or iallin6 Leaf Ave <br />31 <br />Due to a line draw aoross 88id Firct AVeDue !,arallel \"11 th and <br />, . <br /> <br />81 <br /> <br />299.2 feet northerly of the north lino of \:alnut ~treet and also, <br /> <br />-1- <br /> <br />/Cu. R? <br /> <br />~ <br />