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<br />: <br /> <br />RE~OLU?IOD no. 2'. . <br /> <br />1 A R:~SOLtriIJl! OF TlU} !OA..lD 0:5' TR'GS!l'j,:]S ~:5' r,!::~ CITY .:.: <br />AR~IA AnO~I::G I:.:&ROv&o:liT PLAlIS AIlD 3....'1lCIAL :::L;]CI::?ICJi:~!~~:: x:: <br />II TE::: IiJ!::\o-rn::mT C:;;" A i'CRTI':'l; C:5' ~IR~T AVEllUE :..: :......:...&J .,;_~1 ~ .A;,,- <br />CaDIA. <br />S <br /> <br />.. SOLVE A2 <br />5 <br /> <br />~HE BOAlUl OF Til'JST:i!lE3 0]' T12 CI!i!Y OJ!' .Ii.:?C.iZI", .JO .n.J- <br />::?OLLO::S : <br /> <br />SEOTIOB 1: That Iqlro'\"ement nanfl na..1berod "0 101" <br /> <br />8 ana. no 102n, for the improvement of a portion of 3'irot Avenl18, tu- <br />7 T!it: from the northerly curb line or Falling Leaf AVODl1e to t1~a <br />B souther11 line of the right of t181 of the Atchison, ~ope::a and <br />9 Santa Fe Railw1 COll!PaD7 and on file in the office of t.ile Ci t"J <br />10 JDgineer of said City of Arcadia~ be and the same &re hereby ad- <br />11 o)te!l and approved for the said tlork or iill.::rovement. <br /> <br />18 <br /> <br />SECTIon 2: That those certain Special Speoifloat~~~~ <br /> <br />. <br />Ii ; 13 entitled, "Special Specificl1tions A", for the c Jrlstructinn of <br />Eli! <br />~~;l14 cement side-.l8.lks: Sl)ecie.l Specifications entitled "Opeaial ::1'eci- <br />c.3 <br />":.~:J 16 <br />d! I~ ficat1::1ns B" for the '.construction of oement curbs: '311eclal e~.l'Jc:,- <br />=~U 18 <br />~e II fioations entitled "Special Specifioations C'I for the cOl1strno't::.:' <br />. =- 17 <br />I df ooncrete oross\1alks, and Special Sr>eoifications entitled, ";):;=0 <br /> <br />1B ial Specifications DII for the iDstalla-::ion of concrete orDB!.O.entcl <br />19 <br />street lighting standards, l7ires, pipe8, oonduits, Blobe8, l!I!lpc <br /> <br />110 and other accessory fixtures thereto on said port1:lD of nrst A."e- <br />11 <br />nus" ':Thich said Special Sgecification8 prepared by ~he City 3ngi,'.- <br />II <br />eer of the Oi ty of Arcadia are on file in the (If:Cice of the Oi 1i1 <br />113 <br />Clerk of said City, be and the same are hereby adopted ond s;~)r.)ve. <br /> <br />114 for said ~'mm t <br />\lOr.... or ......,t"rovemen . <br /> <br />/8~. .:27 <br /> <br /> <br />115 <br /> <br />SECTIOll 3: The City Clerk shall certify to tho &('01:- <br /> <br />,18 <br />tion of tnis Resolution. <br /> <br />17 <br /> <br />The foregoing Resolution ~s adoDted at a regular <br />" . <br /> <br />liB <br />~oetinB of the Board of Trustees of the City of ,Arcadia, held on <br /> <br />119 <br />the 17th. day ::If April, 1918, by the affirme.tive 'V'lte of at ler.ct <br /> <br />30 <br />four Trustaes, to-wit: <br /> <br />31 <br />31 <br /> <br />AY"ilS: Tr"steos 1 <br /> <br /> <br />r.'I 1 <br /> <br /> <br />-1- <br />