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<br />it!inluttnn QJ)r~rring t4r IInrlt <br />. No.....Cj <br /> <br />RESOLVED, that whereas the~ <br />of .......~~.~.....did on the... <br />191.0., pass its Resol1ttion of Intention No...... <br /> <br />o;I~ of the ~~ <br />7-- 7-- day of ~cf ~ ., <br />y <br /> <br />:1 <br />.1 <br />I <br /> <br /> order the hereinafter described work <br />to be done and improvement to be made in said...~.., 1vhich Resolution of Intention <br />was duly and legally puJJl1'shed as required by law, as appears from the affidatrit of.2lt..4 <br />~~ O~ ~dc.~~dnow on file in the oj[l.ce of the ~. <br />clerk of said ~ . and whereas, notices of the passage of said Resolution of Intention <br />N o..J'..headed "Notice of Improvement" were duly and legally IJOsted along the line <br /> <br />of said contemplated work and improvement and in front of all the property liable to be assessed <br /> <br /> <br />therefor, in form and manner as required by w:w, after the passage of said Resolution of <br /> <br /> <br />Intention, as appears from the affidatrit of~L~~~.. <br /> <br /> <br />who personally posted the same, and who, upon the completion of the posting of said notices, <br /> <br />~.clerk, making oath that he com- <br /> or'~J~" 19/(:,; <br />. and whereas, all protests or objections presented have been disposed of in time, form and manner <br /> <br />forthwith filed said ajfulatrit in the office of the <br /> <br />.7"d <br /> <br />pleted the posting of said notices on the.. <br /> <br />as required by law, and the. <br />_____ -c: <br />to order tlu'E proposed improvement, it is hereby <br /> <br />.......................~..... <br /> <br />....... ...........having now acquired jurisdidion <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />~. <br /> <br />, <br />RESOLVED, that the public interest and convenience require the work herein described, <br />a~Jhe~~lf~..of the4,of"'~-b_ <br /> <br />hereby orders the following work to be done and improvement to be made in said..-:'l'" <br />,_ ,,~'t.. struction of cement curbs (Class A.) the City 'Cierk ,0[:- th4:::(i=t~::-""1.;~~..1 <br />W-WL and (Class B), adopted by the Board cadia.', .-,. .,..~.; f., ': .':-l.'~f~I..::t;.~1 <br />01 Trustees 01 tbe City 01 Arcadia All Improremend'fu ':'~ru':.;~;':;l <br />by ReS01~tion No. 6 ot aald <fity. C:r:os8~Seciloils~ rete~;:~~tO~)':i~,d, <br />. THIRD. T~at. concrete crosswalks, Resolution. 'al"e ~on' .tue't.Jn . the, ' _ 5i <br />tlve (5) feet m width; be co. notroeted ot the Ci.ty Engin;m.ot.:s8td. ci~lllce~ <br />along the easterly side at FIRST AVE- Arcadia. .~-. .". . '.._" ,,' ':":.' +<_ Y,o <br />NUE at the folloWing' lOcations: l '.' +. _.~;,. <br />One across an. alley. running, east; <br />from FIRST AVENUE. between Anita! <br />Avenue~and Orange Avenue, from thel <br />northerly line of said alley prolonged <br />w~terlY to the southerly line of said' <br />alley prolonged' westerly. <br />One across 1ln:~- alley. running east <br />trom said FIRST AVENUE between <br />Orange Avenile, and La Porte:Street. <br />.: ~FIRST: That a cement SlQewalk, from. the', northerly line or:' sald aliey I <br />:five (5) teet in width; be construct~J: prolong~- ,west~~IY to the southerly <br />along the easterly sid~ ot-said FIRST Une,ot sald alley prolonged westerly. <br />AVENUE from the s,outherly,line of One across' an' alley;. running' east <br />Anita Avenue. prolon~ed anl,1.~ten4-- from said FIRST-IAv:ENuE --tietWe' , <br />ed weste.rlracross '!&.d FIRST, AVE- La..PO~:Street:.and,.St."Jo.e~!i's~ <br />J':'UE. t,o,V'.e norH>erl!!!In.e;ot-th'\.~jght:lrOlii<'tIie 'i],(jftllerIY'UileotS8,\'d 'slll;Y <br />.ot . wa~. .Qf.the A:tebU!On..r2P.ekitan!l ptolonge4. w !~ to. Jih" sOuth . <br />,Santa,, line' .i <ai i.' e~' ~lb)I' ~ ,--. <br />LIne).' 8!ld: aJ;,0;,J;!:18. . een!!l.IlJ" 1<1 .."~ . <br />1f.!1);~1,~(!i,g{~t. .. alh"vl>e . I, <br /> <br /> <br />jJ J <br />