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<br />'/(0 g q <br /> <br />1 l~ll ORDII!JlI1C"E 0] '__lY3 ~O_'~ID 0]1 r..1R"[MT:.r ~~ C:'}1 '7',!T_~ Cr_'Y O:? ..:'R- <br />CflDIA P:C10VI.0Il:G :'OR"li,; I~~U;.;:Cr. O:d' ; Oi:.DS O} ~:~iJ CITY :':3' IdCi,.DIL <br />2 :,u,,}:c.a;;:m 1/.J' .i. ': ~'_:cr:.L ;.:umGn;.L .;T,~C~'IOl! ICL.1) II: ~AI]) CI~Y 0'':' <br />.i.RC.~j)!il OIl '1':;-;; 'IFTH D.S 0:';' ,.UGUST, 1919, HI '.JOe; ::;u;,; 0;;' :)150,000.0 <br />3 ~'OR THE l'lUPO::E 0.' '~'E:; ;,C 'UI~ITIOIl, COE,,~RUCTIOl:TD CO;';:1'r~';'J'IOIl BY <br /><:i.D CE'Y :D' iJ:tCiillIA Ch' .. C ;UTAH! H:';VLIl1T~-Irlo:mCIi!G, ..UIlICIF.\L <br />4 Ii.Il.'.-wv:~:m I!'r. <br /> <br />5 <br /> <br />'m:';::l~AS, the Board 0 f 'J!rustees of said City of 111' c (>.d ia <br /> <br />6 at a regular meeting of said Board, held on the 4th. day of JlUle, <br />7 1919, by the lUlanimous vote of all its members, duly pusced and <br />8 adOpted a l,esolution declaring that the pul)lic interest and nec- <br />9 essity demand the acquisition, construction and completion by Daid <br /> <br />10 City of Areadia of a certain revenue-producing improve- <br /> <br />11 ment, to-w:i.t: <br /> <br />12 <br /> <br />'.:ater \'Iorks for devoloping, supplying GIld distri1.Juting <br /> <br />o <br />Z ~ 13 \'/ator for domestic, irriga~ion and ot,le1' Purl)oses to said City of <br />z::~i <br />~ j: ~ 14 Ilrcad ia ane. the inhubi tants thereof, including the acruisi tion of <br />I- c!:!: <br />. <It m ~ <br />"-,.. ~C) 15 lands, \'/atcr rights, easements, rights of \~'ay, pumping plc.nt, <br />a:~2! <br />wa:!;:> <br />~g~~ 16 booster pumps, motors, machinery, ap1)aratus o.nd other :,r01erty <br />C(~~~ <br />~ ~ "" 1 7 <br />. necessary the~efor and also including in eonjlUlction \'lith caid <br />. <br /> <br />18 r!ater \!orks, the aC(l uisi tion, construction and e omple tion of a <br />19 \'Iell or rlells, tank or tanks, reservoir or reservoirs, 'lines, <br />20 :'ipe lines, wuter mains, conduits, luterals and meters and other <br />21 y,'orks necessary therefor and that the estimated COGt of thc =e <br />22 is .,:150,000.00, and <br /> <br />23 <br /> <br />\m~~AS, said 3esolution ~os approved by the PrcDidont <br /> <br />24 of' the Board of 'l'~'ustees of said City of Arcadia and attested by <br />25 the City C13rk of said City on said 4th. day of JlUle, lS19, and <br /> <br />26 <br /> <br />1 t~J"'C' <br />\4L.L..:.JJ..\U.l:"v) <br /> <br />the said BJard of ~rustees did thereafter, ot a <br /> <br />27 re-uler meeting of mid Board, held on the 2nd. day of July, 1919, <br />28 by the affirmative vote of more than t\'lo-thirds of its me~bers, <br />29 Culy ,,'ass and ado(lt an Ordinance calling a S,:,1eeial :.ilUlieipal :";lec- <br />30 tion to be ;leld in said City of ,"rcadia on the 5th. day of J,u"uct, <br />31 <br />1919, for tile object and ()ur",ose of e:uLmitting to tile C'ualified <br />32 <br />electors of said City the .0roposition of incurring an indebtedness <br /> <br />-1- <br /> <br />O,.A-CCv;14:/n.-<-C-- /to. P'7 <br />