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<br />~'. .' '-. <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />AFFIDAVIT OF POS'l'IilG ORDIlF!lCl~ 110. <br /> <br />7/ <br />, <br /> <br />STATE OF CALIFO?~IA,~ <br />C O'-N17 OF LOSANG~LES~ ) ss <br />CITY OF lillCADIA, ) <br /> <br />J~ ~A'~AV , being first duly <br />STIorn says: '!.hat she is and ct all times hereinafter mentioned, <br />TIes the deputy City Clerk of the City of Arcadia, County of <br /> <br />Los An~eles, Stute of <br />day of ~A."'--'V' ~ <br />of ,.,hioh the cnnexed <br /> <br />California; that on the ). 7 Pl <br />, 191j[, she posted three notioes, <br />is v true typeTIritten oopy. in three of <br /> <br />the most public places in said Ci~y of Arordia, to wit: <br />One of said notices at the City G10rk's office; one on <br />the telephone post siturte in front of The iacifio Tel.~ Tel. <br />Compl'ny's office; one t't the entrance to thLt certain frame <br /> <br />buildinR used for a barber shop on First Avenue between <br /> <br />st. Joseph ~nd Santa C&&~B streets in said City of Arcadia. <br /> <br />DdL(~ 9A~~.L-#J <br /> <br />before me <br /> <br />9([. <br /> <br /> <br />Ltary Public in end for <br />the County of Los Angeles, <br />SmEte of California. <br /> <br />OAcL~u.... /~ - 7 D <br />