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<br />o <br />. <br />z 9 13 <br />z3~i. <br />jc:(llltl: <br />o~ = g 14 <br />. c CD ~ <br />L&.>~u <br />a: ~ ~:! .15 <br />bI~~~ <br />,I,~ r: ~ ~"'l e <br />C(<~O <br />~ ::e <br />. 17 <br />c <br /> <br />, M.iENDED <br />ORD. Ng; , <br />/0 <br />~ <br />~ <br />,3 1" 1-/ <br /> <br />-< <br /> <br />V_'1:.u.lB.r'~':'H.....c. l'tU.. tv. <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />I', ' IV e :7 0 , , <br />1 X~l O?DIrL',J~(;:& OF ~E3 BeA:?]) OF T?uaT33S OF TH:S CITY OF <br />ARCADIA P?OVIDING FOR THE G:1cHT..IIlG OF ?ER!.lITS FOR EXCAVATIONS <br />2 ',:ITHIN TH'3: PUBLIC STP.~3TS, U!13S AIID ALL3YS OF S.HD CITY OF AR- <br />CADIA AND P~OVIDING A 3ENALTY FOR THE VIOLATiON THE:20F. <br /> <br />3 <br /> <br />THE BOARD OF ~51rS~3ES OF THE CITY OF A~C~DIA DO ORDAIN <br />4 AS 3'OLLOII3: <br /> <br />5 <br /> <br />SEC~ICll '1: ~ha't it shall be unlavr.ful for ,any person, <br /> <br />6 firm or qo:r;r>oratiun to Ir,ske or to cause or permit to be Irade, any <br /> <br />7 exoavation in or under the surface of any pUblic street'; ,alley or <br /> <br />8 sidewalk' or other PUblic' place, !'or 'the installation;' repair or <br /> <br />9 ,removal of any pipe, conduit J" duct, or tunnel or for any other pup. <br /> <br />10 <br /> <br />pose, wit'tlout i'irst :obtdining from tpe street S11):6 rintendent a <br />written permit, to such excavation and IT.9.king a deposit to <br /> <br />11 <br /> <br />12 cover the,eost'.bf inspectionando:r res:toring such publli:c street, <br /> <br />, ' <br />alley, sid l3Walk or' other pUb,lie fll9.ce to it s ori"inal c oJ'Jdi t ion; <br /> <br />all as heraina:t'ter' in this Ordinance prov id ed. <br /> <br />The person, firm <br /> <br />18 <br /> <br />or corporation intending to lll9.,ke' any such excavation shall :rirst <br /> <br />pay to:t:hech/;~~~"sum or stims"a's a.l'e'req~ir~dbY 'secti,on 3 or' <br />" ' 'A (' , , <br />Section 4 or this Ordinl~bce: and ther;upon said City Clerk shall <br /> <br />issue' hi Sl'eCei!?ttherefo:r: ,which receipt shall therea:fter be 'pre- <br /> <br />19 se;nted to E:a~d st,reet Superintendent,toge1;her \"Jith a written ap- <br />'20 '>'.:J' ~,' -. .' <br />plication :!:or a permit 'for such excavation; ,. Said applica.tion shal <br />. " - -. . .'. <br />, . <br />2l' contain th€,'n~me and ''reSidende or business a'ddre'ss of'the perso'n, <br />22 ' <br />firm or cOI'po'ration making such application and shall 'state in de- <br />23 <br />tail the loca ti on and area of ,each excavation int end ed to be made, <br /> <br />. 24 <br />If required by <br />25 <br />be accompanied <br /> <br />, 27 <br /> <br />the Stree't Super-int erident, such <br />. /. <br />by a pla.t, in duplicate" showing <br /> <br />appliCation shall <br />the locati on of e'ac. <br /> <br />26 <br />proposed' excaviition, the purpose forv;hi'ch the sarrie is to be l1sed <br /> <br />, " <br />and such other details as said street Super'intem1.ent my require <br />(; .. <br /> <br />28 <br />to be shown, upcn such plat; provided however, that the filing of, <br /> <br />29 <br />plats shall not be re~uired ~hen excavations are made for service <br />30 <br />connections for the location of trouble in conduits, or l1ipes Or <br /> <br />31 <br /> <br />32 <br /> <br />for rr.aking repairs thereto. If the Street Superint,endent shall <br />rec.uire plats as' hereinbefore mentioned, one of the duplioate plat <br /> <br />-1- <br /> <br />o I\.cll.v.'\.CV>'1.c.<-.. l/l.(). 7 () <br />