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<br />~ <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />ORDI:U,lJOE :ilO. j; c5 <br /> <br />A~: ORDI~!AHCE DIR~CTI~ pACIFIC ELECTRIC RAW.JAY CO:.1PHY, A <br />/ <br /> <br />CORPORATI'JH~ ~oHE"10VF ITS C~~.!'!'SR POLES A..'lD REPLACE T<J:E SJ.lJF. <br />"'I1'H )~~"tj POLES TO CARny ITS TROLLEY ....IRES, AHD GRJ>~!"'Il!G PER- <br />,-.13S1011 TO SAID CO:5PMry TO R':'~Oi'E ITS CE:n:!::R POLF'S A.'W RryIA CE <br />'!';{E SA1lE ~:I'1'q SPAU POLES TO I(AI:'rrAI~r ITS "'HOLtry A:m O'!'H~R "'B':'S <br />0...<:._"./ <br />on ST. J08!:PH STRE:'''', B~'JW'EF~! SA!fl' A A!!l '1' A A;;D -~RB'" J. 'l'!::"TUFS, <br />IN THE CI1Y CF A"qCADIA. <br /> <br />WHEREAS, Pacific Electric Railway Co~~any is authorized <br />to ffiaintain and operate ita rail~oaJ vn St. JOJeph street, <br />S r: ::''''I~' f) <br />bet'.7een Santa Anita avenue and ~~ avenue, in the city of <br />Arcadia, and has constructed thereovel' a railroad with center <br />poles betITsen the tracks with fifteen-foot csnters, for the <br />purpose of suspending therefrom trolley and other wires neces- <br />Sary for alld a1Juncts to the operation of such railroa:l bet',7een <br />said pointa; and, <br />'.':'ltE'1E,\S, it is the desire of the City of Arcc.dia to have <br />said centor Folee romoved froa tho centor of the street and <br />loca~ej imcediately back of t~s curb line on said St. Joeeph <br />street, anc to have the railroad tracks of pacific Electric <br />Railway Con~any relocated with thirteen-foot centers instead <br />of rift een-.foot centers; and, <br />':':'RERE/,S, the Pacific P.lectric Ra11\vay Comr;any is ',':'11l1ng <br />to remove its said canter poles and replace the same ~ith span <br />poles Placed inside of the curb line of said st. Joseph street, <br />bet~een said Foints, for the ~urpose of suspending and ~aintain- <br />ing its trolley and other wires necessary for the o~eration of <br />said ra11road, provided it is granted the right to eo n.a1nta1n <br />said span P':>leBi <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />() A.e.C,.I\"-Wvt.c..L YlA:i. to;J <br />