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<br /> 6 <br /> 7 <br /> 8 <br /> 9 <br /> 10 <br /> 11 <br /> " 12 <br /> . <br />~ ii <br />" 13 <br />~~~~ <br />:)<Jl:G: <br />Q.JEo <br /> I- C ~ 14 <br /> "".~ <br />, c <br />LI,,>~o <br />a:~~! 15 <br />1a.Ia:!(> <br />...OZO <br />-J....E~ 16 <br />.ql-co <br /> """:IS <br />~ : <br /> . 17 <br /> c <br /> 18 <br /> 19 <br /> 20 <br /> 21 <br /> 22 <br /> 23 <br /> 24 <br /> 25 <br /> 26 <br /> 27 <br /> 28 <br /> 29 <br /> 30 <br /> 31 <br /> 32 <br /> <br />7/0 .J 7 <br />1 AN ORDINANCE 0]' 1?HE J30A..-qD OF TRU.;TEES OF THE CITY OF <br />ARCADIA ESTABLISHIHG l'BE DATUM PLANE AND DESIGNATI:~G A BENCH 1,~RK <br />2 OR DATUM !.!ONUMENT IN SAID cn'Y OF ARCADIA. <br />3 ~HE BOARD OF 1!rRUSTEES OF THE CITY OF ARCADIA DO OP.DAIN <br />AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br />4 <br /> <br />5 <br /> <br />SECTION 1: ~hat the sea level is hereby declared to be <br />the Datum Plane or base line of the City of Arcadia, for the pur- <br />pose of establishing and designating the official grades of the <br />streets, alleys, avenues and sewers and for any other publio work <br />or improvement within said City of Arcadia and for measuring of <br />elevations or surfaoe pOints therein. <br />SECTION 2: That the official bench mark or Datum monu- <br /> <br />ment within said City of Arcadia shall be the top of that certain <br /> <br />iron pin driven flush with the surface of the cement sidewalk on <br /> <br />the Westerly side of F~rst Avenue and South of St. Joseph Street, <br /> <br />and the location of said bench mark or Datu~ monument being as <br />followe:Beginning at the South West corner of the intersection of <br />First Avemle and St. Joseph street; thence South along the Wester <br />ly line of said First Avenue distant thereon .40 feet; thence Eas <br />and parallel with the Southerly line of said St. Joseph Street a <br /> <br />distance of .10 feet, and its elevation is 493.323 feet above sea <br /> <br />level or the City Datum Plane. <br />SECTION 3: That all Ordinances and parts of Ordinances <br />in conflict herewith be and the same are hereby repealed. <br />SECTION 4: The City Clerk shall certify to the adoptio <br /> <br />of this Ordinanoe and shall cause the same to be published,onoe <br />in the Arcadia Journal, a weekly newspaper printed and circulated <br />in said City of Arcadia, and to be posted in at 1 east three publi <br />plaoes in said City of Arcadia and thirty days from and after the <br />final adoption of this Ordinance, the same shall take effect and <br /> <br />be in force. <br />The foregoing Ordinance was adopted at a regular meetin <br />of the Hoard of Trustees of the City of Arcadia, held on the 3rd. <br />day of February, 1916, by the affirmative vote of at least three <br /> <br />~rustees, to-wit: <br /> <br />-1- <br /> <br />tJ/Ldvna~ fie. 5:> <br /> <br />I <br />