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<br />REPEALW <br />ORD. ria. <br />SJ..- <br /> <br />o <br />. <br />z 9 <br />z~~i 14 <br />~Cl:ltU: <br />0...l1:0 <br />~m~ <br />~ >;~ }5 <br />a:~~:! <br />1.61 a: =::.0 16 <br />...ozo <br />..J~z~ <br />ctctio <br />~ ~:f 17 <br />. <br />. <br /> <br />28 <br /> <br />29 <br /> <br />30 <br />31 <br /> <br />32 <br /> <br />O::l.DIl:.dlICE 110. 47. <br /> <br />. j{c, -4 7 <br /> <br />1 A:.i O!lDIlrA.L~CE ??OiIDII;G li'OR ::'IIE ISSUdl:CE OJ;' :BOiIDS OP ':i'HE <br />CITY OF .i.RCADLl, AUTHORIZED ilT A Sl'E:CLi.L I.JJnICr:pi,r. EL3'JTION HELD <br />2 IN SAID CIT'( OF ARCADIA ON THE 22nd. DAY OF SEPTET.illER, 1914, In <br />TH3 srr~ OF j13l,250.00 FOR THE PURPOSE OF THE ACQUISI::'ION, CON- <br />3 .3TRUCTIOll JUlD COI.:I'LETIOIJ BY SB.ID CITY (:j,' ARCiiDH OF A C:-:RTAIl! ::tE'l <br />~;UE-PRODUCIl1G EilllICIPiU. n::'o>ROV:EL:EilT, ALSO III TRE sm.; Ol!' <br />4 ,1150,000.00 FOR THE PURPOSE OF THE AC;"UISITlon, COHST:\UCTIOiJ AND <br />5 COI.:PLETIOIT BY S....ID CITY OF ARCADU OF .il. C~T.d.IN !.:illlICIP";'L II.:PROVE- <br />l.iEil T . <br /> <br />6 <br /> <br />~mERE&S, the Board of Trustees of said City of Arcadia <br /> <br />7 <br />at a regular adjourned meeting of said Board, held on the let. day <br />8 of August, :914, by a vote of more thantuo-thirds of its members, <br />9 <br />duly passed and adopted a Res.olution determining that the public <br />10 <br />interest ancl necessity delll:md the acquisition, construction and <br /> <br />11 <br /> <br />completion [IY said City of Arcadia of a certain revenue-producinG <br /> <br />12 <br />municipal improvement, to-nit: <br />:7ater works for developing, supplying and distributing <br /> <br />13 <br /> <br />18 <br /> <br />vater for domestic, irrigation and other purposes to said City of <br />Arcadia and the inhabitants thereof; including the acquisition of <br />lands, l~ter rights, rights of way, pumping plant, machinery, ap- <br />paratus and other property necessary therefor and also including <br />in conjunction lath said water works, the acquisition, const~ctio <br />and completion of a well or wells, reservoir or reservoirs, pipes, <br /> <br />19 <br /> <br />20 <br /> <br />21 <br /> <br />pipe lines, water rrains, conduits, laterals, meters, fire plugs <br />and other works necessary therefor; and that the estirrated cost of <br />the s~e is ~131,250.00, and <br />'..1fE..~S, said Resolution "tiS approved by the J?:resident <br />of the Board of Tru.stces of said City of Arcadia and attested by <br /> <br />22 <br /> <br />23 <br /> <br />24 <br /> <br />25 <br /> <br />26 <br /> <br />the City Clerk of said City on the said 1st. day of dUgust. 1914, <br /> <br />27 <br /> <br />and. <br /> <br />~~EREdS, the said Board. of Trustees thereafter, at <br />its regular meeting held on the 3rd. day of Se)tember, 1914, by <br />a vote of all its members, duly pass and adopt an Ordi1~ce call- <br />ing a special rnunicipGl election to be held in said City of ~r- <br />oudia on tho 22nd. day of Septemoer, 1914, for the object and pur <br /> <br />-1- <br /> <br />C) "'vc. ~V"\f\-Ovv'-v..., JIl..o, .; 7 <br />