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<br />from and after the taking effect of this ordinance, not less than the <br />sum of Five Hundred ($500.00) Dollars, in carrying out the construction <br />of the enterprise contemplated under this ordinance and by the acceptance <br />of this ordinance and grantee, his successors and assigns, agree to the <br />conditions herein imposed. <br />Section i. That said grantee or his assigns shall so construct <br />and lay all underground conduits, mains and gas pipes so that the same <br />shall not be less than 12 inches below surface of the street, alley or <br />thoroughfare, and all conduits, mains and gas pipes shall be laid and <br />kept air and gas tight at all times during the life of this franchise. <br />Section ~. That it shall be lawful for said grantee or his <br />assigns to make all necessary and needful excavations and openings in any <br />of the streets, alleys or thoroughfares of said City in which they may <br />desire to place said conduits, pipes and gas mains, or connections there- <br />with, for the purpose in this ordinance mentioned; that there may be traps <br />and manholes constructed along the said pipe lines for the purpose of <br />affording aooess to the said pipe lines for cleaning and maintenance there- <br />of, said traps and manholes to be so oapped and covered as to be flush <br />with the street, alley or thoroughfare and not to interfere in any way with <br />use of said street, alley or thoroughfare for travel or traffio. <br />Said grantee or his assigns shall submit plans and speoifica- <br />tions for the construction and laying of said pipes, conduits and gas <br />mains, manholes and traps to said Board of Trustees, whioh said plans and <br />specifioations shall be approved by said Board before work in oonnection <br />therewith is oommenoed. All the work in this franchise mentioned shall be <br />performed upon the public streets, alleys or thoroughfares of said City <br />in exoavating for placing, installing, replacing, renewing and repairing <br />the said conduits, mains and gas pipes, traps and manholes shall in striot <br />compliance with the rules and ordinances which have been or may be adopted" <br />by the said Board of Trustees and under the instruction and to the <br />satisfaction of the Superintendent of Streets or the Board of Trustees of <br />the City of Arcadia, where work is done under this franchise, said grantee <br />or his assigns shall, as soon as practioable in the judgment of the <br />Superintendent of Streets or Board of Trustees, restore the Streets, alleys <br /> <br />- 2 - <br /> <br />. CJ /1. c!{/}-'/. Cf/Vl.~c..-<.- Ilc. .;<' y <br />