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<br />... <br /> <br />ORDTHAFCE NO. 22. <br /> <br />AN Ol1DINANCE OF THE BOARD OF 'J'RHSTEES OF THE CITY OF ARCADTA <br />CALT,ING POR AN F:L~c'rION TO B}<; -r.r;;:TJD TN SAID crrv OF ARCADIA ON MONDAY, <br />THE 11TH DAv 0F APRII" A. D. 1910, FOR ern,,; ED,C'l'ION OF CERTAIN OFFICERS <br />OF SArD CITY, APPOIWrrNG 'rHE O"'FIC'RS OF STTC1l ELECTIONS, MID DESIGNA- <br />TING THE POLLING PLACES FOE SAME. <br /> <br />TBE BOARD OF TRnSTEES OF Tm'; crn OF ARi;ADIA DO BEREBY ORDAIN <br />AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br />Section 1. That pursuant to the provisions of an act of the <br />- ~ <br /> <br />Legis1a~,re of the State of California, dated !1arch 13, 1883 entitled: <br /> <br />"An act to provide for the organization, incorporation and government of <br /> <br />Municipal Corporations" and acts amendatory thereof, said Board of <br /> <br />Trustees hereby fixes ],Ionday the 11th Day of April, A. D. 1910, for the <br /> <br />holding of an e~ ction and an election is hereby called to be held in <br /> <br /> <br />said city of Arcadia on said day within the corporate limits of said City <br /> <br />of Arcadia, for the election of the following officers of said city to-wit: <br />Three members of the Board of Trustees to hold office for the <br /> <br />full term or period of four years from and after the 18th day of April 1910. <br /> <br />One member of the Board of Trustees to hold office for the full <br /> <br />term or period of two year3 from and after the 18th day of April 1910. <br />A City Clerk <br /> <br />A Ci ty Treasurer <br /> <br />A City Marshal <br /> <br />Section 2. That in Arcadia No. 1 the polling place for such <br /> <br />election is hereby fixed at the Santa Fe Depot waiting room in the City <br />of Arcadia, Calif. <br /> <br />Section 3. That the following qualified electors of said City <br /> <br />of Arcadia are herehy aDpointed election officers for the holding of <br /> <br />such election ,in precinct No.1, to wit: <br /> <br />C. C. West and Frank English <br />John Russell ann Vi. E. Payne <br /> <br />Judp;es. <br /> <br />Inspec tors. <br /> <br />George Watkins and C. C. Coffin <br /> <br />Clerks. <br /> <br />Luis Clllver ann J. A. Robey <br /> <br />P.allot Clerks. <br /> <br />Section 4. That the compensation for such election officers for <br /> <br />all ser'!ices hy them to "he rendered as such is here"Y fixed as the sum of <br /> <br />fi ve dollars each, to be I"Jaid by warran ts drawn on the Ci ty Treasury, of <br /> <br />the said City of Arcadia in the same manner that other warrants are drawn <br /> <br />- 1 - <br /> <br />~'/i,c-f 1/VUX/rt.C0 /7-0. -< Z <br />