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<br />an(J to fix and state the amount of license thereon, and the time for <br /> <br /> <br />which the same shall run, and the business for which t.he same is issued, <br /> <br /> <br />and for tha t purpose the City Clerk may confer with pers ons in interes t, <br /> <br />and may require any person to file his or her affidavit as to the <br /> <br />character of such business and that in no case shall any mistake by the <br /> <br /> <br />said City Clerk in fixin8 the amount of such license, or the time for <br /> the same is to run, prevent the collection of what shall be actually <br />due wi th all costs against anyone carrying on said trade, calling, pro- <br />fession or occupation withrnlt a license, or refusing to pay such rate so <br />fixed by the City Clerk. <br />The City Clerk shall deliver such licenses to the City Marshal <br />for collection, taking his receipt for same, and the City Clerk shall <br />report to the Board of T~lstees, at its first meeting in each month the <br />amount of such licenses so delivered to the City Marshal (Juring the <br />previous month. 'rhe City Marshal shall ~roceed at once to collect the <br />same and shall, on or before the first Monday in each month, deliver to <br />the said Ci ty Clerk, a complete list of all licenses collected by him <br />for the previous month, and also, a list of all re rsons whom he believes <br />not to be on the license list, who should be charged with the payment of <br />a license, and he shall pay over to the City Treasurer all. licenses <br />col~cted by him during the preceeding month, and shall take the <br />Treasurers receipt for the same, which he shall file with the City Clerk <br />and shall report the amount thereof together wl. th the amount delin!iuencies <br />to the Board of Trustees at its first meeting in each month. No license <br />for any of the callings, trades, professions, or occupations, carried <br />on by any person delinquent for the payment of any license fee hereunder <br />shall be issued to such person, either directly or indirectly, until the <br />payment of all license fees due from such person together with all costs. <br />Section 3. All licenses shall be paid in advance in legal <br />currency of the Uni t.ed Stat es, at. the office of the City Marshal, and a <br />separate license must be obtained for each branch establishment or <br />separate place of business, whtch license authorizes the party obtaining <br />it to carryon, pursue or conduct only that trade, calling, profession or <br /> <br />occupation, described in such license and only at the location or place of <br />- 2- <br /> <br />c/4c/vrtC<""'<C.G- /?o, -:.2/ <br />