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<br />SECTION 3. It shall be the duty of the Building Committee and <br />the said Building Committee shall have power to issue building permits <br />in accordance with this ordinance, on the payment of the fees hereinafter <br />provided, whenever in their judgment, the proposed building to be erect- <br />ed, constructed, altered, repaired, raised, built upon, moved, demolish- <br />ed, maintained or used within the City of Arcadia, is of a proper <br />character and not dangerous to health, life, limb of property, or un- <br />sightly or liable to become a nuisance. After a permit has been granted <br />for any purposes as aforesaid, by the Building Committee, the Committee <br />shall report the same immediately to the Board of Tl'ustees for its <br />action thereon, and the Board of Trustees, upon receiving the report of <br />the Building Committee, shall act finally upon the matter within five <br />days, and in case the Board of Trustees shall fail to confirm or reject <br />the action of the Building Committee, said permit shall become final. <br />SECTION 4. After a permit has been granted for the construction, <br />alteration, repair, moving or demolishing of any building, the plans <br />thereof, shall not be changed without notice having been given to the <br />building committee of such changes, and the nature thereof and a permit <br />secured from such committee or the Board of Trustees therefor. The <br />issuance of a permit shall not be considered an approval by the Board of <br />Trustees of the plans and specifications, unless the Board of Trustees <br />shall fail to confirm or reject the same within five days after the <br />granting thereof. Nothing in this ordinance contained shall apply to <br />affect or authorize the moving of any building upon any public street, <br />alley, or place. <br />SECTION 5. 'The fees to be paid to the Building Committee and <br />by the Building Committee to the Treasurer of said City, shall be in <br />the sum of One Dollar for each permit. <br />SECTION 6. If any person, whether as owner, architect, or <br />builder, shall commence the erection, construction, alteration, l'epair, <br />moving or demolishing of any building, without a pe~nit first having <br />been obtained from the Building Committee of the Board of Trustees when <br />required by this ordinance, he shall be required when subsequently <br /> <br />- 2 - <br /> <br />ONd,./1'~' /'to, 17 <br />