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<br />OllDINANCE NO. 17. <br /> <br />MOVING, <br />FOIt THE <br /> <br />AN OlIDINANCE REGULATING THE CONSTRUCTION, ALTERATIOIl, REPAIR, <br />AND DEMOLISHING OF BUILDINGS AND THE USE THEREOF, PROVIDING <br />ISSUING OT" PEm:II~'S FOR THE SAME. <br /> <br />SECTION 1. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or <br /> <br />corporation, to hereafter erect, construct, alter, repair, raise, <br /> <br />build upon, move, demolish, maintain or use, or to cause, permit or <br /> <br />suffer to be errected, constructed, altered, repaired, raised, built <br /> <br />upon, moved, demolished, maintained or used, in or upon any tract of <br /> <br />land subdivided into City lots within the City of Arcadia, and building <br /> <br />or structure or any portion thereof, in a manner that shall violate any <br /> <br />of the provisions of this ordinance. <br /> <br />SECTION 2. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or <br /> <br />corporation, either as owner, architect or builder, to conunence or pro- <br /> <br />ceed with the erection, construction, alteration, repair, moving or de- <br /> <br />molishing, exceeding twenty dollars in cost (restoration of plastering <br />or painting excepted), of any building or other structure upon any <br />City lot in the City of Arcadia unless a pennit to do such work has <br /> <br />first been obtained, as herein provided. Any person desiring such <br /> <br />permit shall file with the building conunittee of this Board on a blank <br /> <br />to be furnished by said Board, an application therefor together with a <br /> <br />set of plans, sections, elevations, and specifications, of the work pro- <br /> <br />posed to be done. Such application shall set forth the land upon which <br /> <br />the proposed work is to be done, describing the same by the lot and <br /> <br />block or other accurate description, the general demensions of the <br /> <br />building to be constructed, altered, repaired, moved, or demolished; <br /> <br />the number and heiehth of stories thereof, the names of the owner, the <br /> <br />architect and the contractor or builder; and estimate of the cost of the <br /> <br />proposed work, and purpose for which such building, alteration or repair <br /> <br />is designed; and such other matters as the building conunittee may re- <br /> <br />quire. There shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees annually, on <br /> <br />the 15th. day of December of each year, from their own members, a <br /> <br />com~ittee of three, to be known as ~~e building committee, whose powers <br /> <br />and duties are hereinafter in this ordinance set forth. <br /> <br />- 1 - <br /> <br />O/W(VVtCf/nC-(.. /20. /7 <br />