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<br />Los Angeles County; that the foregoing list contains a full and correct <br /> <br /> <br />statement of all property subject to taxation which I, or any firm of <br /> <br />which I am a member, or any corporation, association or company, of which <br /> <br />I am president, cashier, secretary or manageing agent, owned, claimed, <br /> <br />possessed or controled at 12 o'clock M on the first Monday in 1~rch last, <br />and which is not already assessed this year, and that I have not in any <br />manner whatsoever transferred or disposed of any property, or placed any <br /> <br />property. out of the City of Arcadia, or may possession, for the purpose <br />of avoiding any assessment on the same, or of making this statemnt; and <br />that the debts therein stated as owing by me are owing to bona-fide <br />residents of this State, or to firms or corporations doing business in <br />this State. Subscribed and sworn to before me <br /> <br />day of <br /> <br />190L~ <br /> <br />name of tax payer <br /> <br />this <br /> <br />City Assessor. <br />Section 2' If any person after the demand made by the Assessor, <br />neglects or refuses to give under oath, the statement herein provided <br /> <br />for, or to comply with the other requirements of this Ordinance, the <br /> <br />Assessor must note such refusal or neglect on the assessment book, <br /> <br />opposite his name, and make an estimate of the value of the property of <br />such person and the value so fixed must not be reduced by the Board of <br />Trustees acting as a Board of Equalization. <br />Section i. Any property discovered by the Assessor to have <br /> <br />escaped assessment for the last precedeing year, may be assessed at <br /> <br />double it's value. <br />Section I. The Assessor must be provided by the Board of <br />Trustees with an assessment book, with the appropriate headings in which <br />must be listed all property within the City and in which book must be <br /> <br />specified in separate columns under the appropriate head; <br /> <br />1. <br />2. <br />~: <br />5. <br />6. <br />~: <br />9. <br />10. <br />11. <br /> <br />Number of receipt <br />Taxpayers name <br />Description of property <br />NumbeI' of acres <br />Value of real estate <br />Value of improvements thereon <br />Value of personal property <br />Amount of money <br />Total value of all property <br />Deduction on account of mortgages, deeds of trust <br /> <br />Deduction on account of unsecured solvent debts <br /> <br />- 2 - <br /> <br />o Advnol/FU'.L /20, / c:0 <br />