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<br />ORDINANCE NO. 9. <br /> <br />AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR THE ASSESSMENT AND COLLEDTION OF' <br />A PROPERTY TAX IN THE CITY OF ARCADIA POR MUNICIPAL PURPOSES. <br /> <br />SECTION 1. The Board of Trustees of the City of Arcadia do <br /> <br />ordain as follows: <br /> <br />The fiscal year of the City of Arcadia is hereby declared to <br /> <br /> <br />be from the first day of March to the last day of February both days <br /> <br />inclusive. <br /> <br />SECTION 2,. All Taxable property 01' property not exempt from <br /> <br />taxation under the laws of the United States or the State of California <br /> <br />situated within the corporate limits of the City of Arcadia, must for the <br /> <br />purpose of taxation be assessed at its reasonable value; and it is here- <br /> <br />by made the duty of the clerk and ex-Officio Assessor of the City to <br /> <br /> <br />prepare between the first day of May and the first day of August of each <br /> <br />year, a full and correct list or schedule of all property subject to <br />taxation within the limits of the City, "Except such as is required by <br />law to be assessed by the State Board of Equalization", and assess the <br /> <br />property so listed to the persons who were the owners thereof at 12 <br /> <br />o'clock M. on the first Monday in March. <br /> <br />The above ordinance was passed by the affirmative vote of <br /> <br />Trustees, Baldwin, Lawrence, Unruh and Tucker and is signed and approved <br />this 2nd. day of May, 1904. <br /> <br />E. J. BALDWIN <br />President Board of Trustees. <br /> <br />ATTEST: <br /> <br />J. P. CJ\VALLIER <br />City Clerk. <br /> <br />(JA clc/}1LJY}'1-c-c.., !1c-, <] <br />