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<br />SECTION 4. That the compensation of siad election Officers for <br /> <br />all services b;r them to be rendered as such, is the sum of two (~~2.00) <br />dollars each, to be paid by warrant drawn on the City Treasury of the <br />City of Arcadia in the same manner that other warrants are drawn on <br /> <br />such Treasury. <br /> <br />SECTION 5. That the polls for such election shall be open at <br /> <br /> <br />six o'clock of the morning of said April 11th. 1904, and shall be kept <br /> <br /> <br />open until five (5) o'clock in the afternoon of the same day, when the <br /> <br />polls shall be closed. <br />SECTION 6. That in all other respects said election shall be <br /> <br />held in accordance with the general election laws of the State of <br /> <br /> <br />California insofar as the same are applicable to municipalities of the <br /> <br />sixth class. <br /> <br />SECTION 7. The City Clerk of said City of Arcadia shall cause <br /> <br /> <br />a notice of said election to be posted conspicuously at the polling <br /> <br />place hereinbefore designated at least ten days before said day fixed <br /> <br />for the holding of said election; which said notice shall state the pur- <br /> <br />pose of said election; the officers of said City to be elected thereat; <br /> <br />the time and place of holding the same and the time of opening and <br /> <br />closing the polls. <br />SECTION 8. The City Clerk shall certify to the adoption of this <br /> <br />ordinance and cause the same to be posted at the Santa Anita Post5ffice, <br /> <br />at the Arcadia Postoffice, at the Hotel Oakwood, at the Hotel Bonita. <br />The foregoing ordinance was adopted by the Board of Trustees of the City <br />of Arcadia at a regular meeting of the Board held on the 8th. da,y of March, <br />1904, by the affirmative vote of at least three trustees. <br />Signed and approved this 8th. day of March, 1904. <br /> <br />E. J. BALDWIN <br />President of the Board of Trustees. <br /> <br />ATTEST: <br /> <br />J. P. CA VALLIER <br />l.Jity Clerk <br /> <br />- 2 - <br /> <br />o 4-dvv"(u/I~'~.( /2". Y <br />