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<br />a license in less than thirty days after the first of each and every <br /> <br /> <br />Month must pay the full amount of the Monthly license for that Month. <br /> <br /> <br />The Tax and License collector of the City must on the first <br /> <br /> <br />day of each and every Month turn over to the Clerk of .the City all <br /> <br /> <br />licenses for the last precedeing month which he was able to c oHect, <br /> <br />and a list of the delinquent persons, and he shall on the Saturday of <br /> <br />each week pay to the City Treasurer, all the moneys collected by him <br /> <br />during such week. <br /> <br />The amount collected each Month must be reported by the Tax <br /> <br /> <br />and License collector to the Board of Trustees at the first meeting of <br /> <br /> <br />the Board after the close of such Month together with a statement of <br /> <br /> <br />the amount delinquent and from whom. <br /> <br /> <br />The Clerk of the City shall issue a proper license in accord- <br /> <br />ance with the provisions of this Ordinance to each person known to him <br /> <br />to be liable to such license tax, which license must be signed by the <br /> <br />President of the Board of Trustees and the Clerk of the City and attest- <br /> <br /> <br />ed by the common seal of the City and on or before the first day of <br /> <br />each Month he mlwt deliver the said licenses to the Tax and License <br /> <br />collector for collection. The said Tax and License collector shall re- <br /> <br />ceipt to the Clerk for the full amo-g.nt of the several licenses deliver- <br /> <br />ed to him for collection and proceed at once to collect the same. <br /> <br />Upon the receipt by the Clerk of the City of uncollected <br /> <br />Licenses turned over to him by the Tax and License collector, he must <br /> <br />report the same to the Board of Trustees who shall at once direct an <br /> <br />attorney, employed by the Board of Trustees for that purpose to collect <br />the same by suit or otherwise or to institute crimnal action against the <br />said delinquent party or parties or to bring both civil and crimnal <br /> <br />actions agaJ.nst delinquent party or parties as he may see fit in the <br /> <br />exercise of his sound discretion. <br /> <br />This Act shall take effect on the Thirtieth day of September, <br /> <br />1903. <br /> <br />The above Ordinance was passed by the affirmative vote of at <br />least three Trustees, and is signed and approved this 9th, day of Sept- <br /> <br />ember, 1903. <br /> <br />E. J. BALDWIN <br />President of the Board of Trustees. <br /> <br />ATTEST: <br /> <br />J. P. CA VALLIER <br />Gity Glerk <br /> <br />- 2 - <br /> <br />OM/(vnCt/l'lCL J1{), I: <br />