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<br />, <br />.. ,. ...,.. .. , - <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />2 <br /> <br />ro/I"..3 <br /> <br />4 <br /> <br /> 9 <br /> 10 <br /> 11 <br /> 12 <br />. <br />. 13 <br />;; <br />z " <br />Z35'J <br />m~ <br />=>>jllCl: 14 <br />o <" <br />t-4(~ <br />em_ <br />. . <br />&I.>O:CJ 15 <br />'" . <br />a:z2. <br />1&Ia:~:;' <br />....OZO 16 <br />.J"'II:~ <br />C["'0II;0 <br />cr~:e <br />:I ~. 17 <br />. <br />. <br /> 18 <br /> 19 <br /> 20 <br /> 21 <br /> 22 <br /> 23 <br /> 24 <br /> 25 <br /> 26 <br /> 27 <br /> <br />"V 28 <br /> <br />29 <br />30 <br />31 <br />32 <br /> <br />AS ORDINANCE OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE CITY OF AR-. <br />OADI! REPEALING ORDINANOE NO. 98 or SAID OiTY OF AROADIA AND AMEND- <br />IBG SECTION} OF ORPllANCE NO. 66 OF SAID OITY OF AROADIA. <br /> <br />Tm: BOARD or TRUSTns OF THE OITY OF ARCADIA DO ORDAIN AS <br />:a~:o 3 t.J <br />SEOTIOli 1: That Ord1nance lio. 98 of sald Ouy of Aroad1a, <br /> <br />FOLLOWS: <br /> <br />.5 <br /> <br />entitled: -An Ordlnanoe of the Board of Trustees of the Clty of Ar- <br />oadia repealing Ordlnance No. sa ofs&tio O~ ty of Arcadla, adopted <br />July 2, 1919, and amendlng Section fDbl'rOrdinance fl(). 66 of said <br />01ty of Aroe4ia, adopted December 20, .1916-, adopted September 7, <br />1921, be ~. the same 1s hereby repealed. <br />SI(:TIOH 2: That Sectlon , of sald Ord1nance No. 66 be and <br />. . ~~w <br />the eame is hereby &IIlended to re84 as follows: ollil, No. <br />SE(~ION ,: That the followlng rates are hereby establlshed <br />and ehal1 be co1leoted from eaoh oonsumer to whom water is furnish <br />PDULID <br />by sa1d 01ty of Aroadia, to-w1t: ~ <br />"").I' "'I. <br />!" <br />10:1' water furnlshed for domestlo use. the minll11W11 monthly <br />rate shall be 11.25 for all water oonsumed ln any oalendar month <br />in an amount not exceeding 1200 cubio feet and fo~ all domestlo <br />water consumed in any calendar month 1n exoees of 1200 oublo feet, <br />at the rate of tbree and one-balf oents add1tional for each and <br />every 100 cubio feet of water ooneumed. <br />",ell' water furnlshed for irrigation use the rate for all <br />suoh water oonsumed durlng any oalendar month ehall be tbree and <br />one-ha.1f oonts for eaoh and every 100 cubic teet; provlded however, <br />that exoept where a property owner shall oaUlle to be permansntly <br />lnstalle4 It. meter of such si.e and III&lte as may be des1gnated by the <br />Board of T~ustees tor the purpose ot measuring 1rr1gating water and <br />shall ma1n.ta1n same 1n suoh oondit1on that said meter shall mea8ure <br />aoouratel:v all water pa.ss1ng through It. wh10h said meter shall <br />be at all times eubjeot to 1nspeot1on by the Watsr Department of sa d <br />Oity, an add1tiQna1 ob&rge of $1.00 shall be made for installing <br />a two-1nch. meter for measur1ng eaoh and every run of irrigating <br /> <br /><3 <br />7 <br /> <br />8 <br /> <br />water and an add1t1ona1 oharge of 11.50 for <br /> <br />1nstal11ng a four-lnoh <br /> <br />\\lvt~\.~ W" <br />o\\\l'\\ <br /> <br />REPE~\.ED r) 'j 7 <br />ORO. Mo. 0 <br />'t <br /> <br />-1- <br /> <br />OA-~ /1<:" ILY <br />