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<br /> 1 <br /> 2 <br /> 3 <br /> 4 <br /> 5 <br /> 6 <br /> 7 <br /> 8 <br /> 9 <br />REPEALQI <br />ORD. No, 10 <br />/ I.J? 11 <br /> 12 <br />. <br />. 13 <br />. <br />z ' <br />z~~i <br />;:)otlt~ 14 <br />~ .0 <br />Ot--cl&. <br />4 m:i <br />, , c <br />lI.>cC) 15 <br />a:~ei <br />wa:!c> <br />~oz:o 16 <br />.JI-II:~ <br />c~~o <br />~ ::E 17 <br />. <br />c <br /> 18 <br />lD'E4Uo <br />ORD, u..231l. <br /> 20 <br /> 21 <br /> 22 <br /> 23 <br /> 24 <br /> 25 <br /> 26 <br /> 27 <br /> 28 <br /> 29 <br /> 30 <br /> 31 <br /> 32 <br /> <br />ORDI~ANCE NO. 103. <br /> <br />YO /0.] <br />, AN ORDINANCE OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,OF'THE CITY OF <br />ARCADIA PROVIDING FOR THE LICENSING AND REGULATING 'THE CARRYING ON <br />OF CERTAIN BUSINESSES, PROFESSIONS, TRADES, CALLINGS AND OCCUPA- <br />TIONS CARRIED ON WITHIN SAID CITY OF ARCADIA AND REPEALING ORDI- <br />NANCE NO. 76 OF SAID CITY OF ARCADIA. <br /> <br />THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE CITY OF ARCADIA DO OR- <br />DAIN AS FOLLOIVS: <br /> <br />SECTION 1: It shall be unlawful for any person, whet - <br /> <br />er as principal or agent, clerk or employee, either for himself or <br />for any other person or for any body corporate, or as an officer <br />of any corporation, or otherwise, to commence or carryon within <br />the corpora'te limits of the City of Arcadia any business, trade, <br />calling, profession or occrupation, in this Ordinance specified, <br />without first,having procured a license from said City of Aroadia <br />so to do, and each and every day or fraotional part of a day that <br />said business, trade, oalling, profession or occupation in this <br />Ordin~nce specified, is conduoted or carried on without such li- <br />cense shall constitute a separate violation of this Ordinance, and <br />any person 11lho shall for himself, or for any other person or per- <br />sons, or fo:~ any body, corporate or otherwise commence or carry on <br /> <br />any business, trade, oalling, profeSSion or ocoupation aforesaid, <br /> <br />without first having procured such a lioense, shall for each vio- <br />lation of this Ordinance be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and <br />upon convic'tion by any Court having jurisdiction thereof, shall be <br />fined there:f'or in a sum not exceeding $300.00 or be imprisoned for <br />a term not three months, or shall suffer both such fine <br />and imprisonment in the discretion of the Court, and ,the amount <br />of such liolsnse shall be deemed a debt due to said City of Aroadia <br />and suoh pe:~son shall be liable to an aotion in the name of the <br />City of Arca.dia in any Court of oompetent jurisdiotion for the <br /> <br />amount of the license imposed on such bueiness, trade, calling" <br /> <br />. <br />profession or occupation, as he shall be engaged in, with costs of <br /> <br />suit. <br /> <br />PROVIDED, HOWEVER, THAT FROM AND AFTER THE PASSAGE <br />OF THIS ORDINANCE NO LICENSE TAX OR FEE WHATSOEVER SHALL BE REQUIR D <br />OF ANY HONORABLY DISCHARGED OR RELEASED SOLDIER, SAILOR OR MARINE <br /> <br />-1- O~~u.. /-1c. / c? s> <br />