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ARCADIA CITY COUNCIL <br /> SPECIAL MEETING MINUTES <br /> TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2017 <br /> CALL TO ORDER — Mayor Amundson called the Special Meeting to order at 5:05 p.m. in the City <br /> Council Conference Room, 240 W. Huntington Drive, Arcadia, California. <br /> ROLL CALL OF CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS <br /> PRESENT: Beck, Chandler, Tay, and Amundson <br /> ABSENT: Verlato <br /> A motion was made by Council Member Chandler, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Tay, to excuse <br /> Council Member Verlato. <br /> PUBLIC COMMENTS — No one appeared. <br /> Council Member Verlato arrived at 5:11 p.m.; and announced that she has a conflict because <br /> she owns real property within 500 feet of the subject property. <br /> City Attorney Deitsch advised Council Member Verlato that due to her conflict, she cannot <br /> participate in the discussion and excused her from the room. <br /> STUDY SESSION <br /> a. Report, discussion, and direction concerning an exclusive negotiating agreement with <br /> MJW Investments LLC, for potential development of the City's downtown parking lot <br /> between Santa Anita Avenue and First Avenue, south of Wheeler Avenue. <br /> A motion was made by Council Member Chandler, seconded by Mayor Pro Tern Tay and carried <br /> on roll call vote to extend the exclusive negotiating agreement for 6 months. <br /> AYES: Chandler, Tay, Beck, and Amundson <br /> NOES: None <br /> ABSENT: None <br /> CLOSED SESSION <br /> a. Los Angeles SMSA Limited Partnership, a California limited partnership d/b/a Verizon <br /> Wireless v. City of Arcadia; (United States District Court, Central District, Case No.: <br /> 2:17-cv-03778 DSF JEMx). <br /> b. Pursuant to Government Code Section 54957.8 to confer with Real Property <br /> Negotiators. <br /> Property: City Parking Lots (Assessor Parcel Nos. 5773-301-900 and 901) <br /> Agency Negotiators: City Manager Dominic Lazzaretto, Assistant City <br /> Manager/Development Services Director Jason Kruckeberg, and City Attorney Stephen <br /> P. Deitsch <br />