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ARCADIA CITY COUNCIL <br /> SPECIAL MEETING MINUTES <br /> WEDNESDAY, MAY 25, 2016 <br /> CALL TO ORDER - Mayor Beck called the Special Meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. in Arcadia <br /> Police Department Community Room, 250 W. Huntington Drive, Arcadia, California <br /> ROLL CALL OF CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS <br /> PRESENT: Council Member Amundson, Beck, Chandler, and Verlato <br /> ABSENT: Council Member Tay <br /> •A motion was made by Council Member Chandler, seconded by Council Member Verlato to <br /> excuse Council Member Tay from this meeting. <br /> STUDY SESSION <br /> a. Report, discussion and direction regarding the Proposed 2016-17 Fiscal Year Budget. <br /> City Manager Lazzaretto presented an overview of the proposed 2016-17 Fiscal Year budget, <br /> which was discussed at a City Council Study Session on May 17, 2016. <br /> Despite Council Member Verlato and Mayor Pro Tem Amundson stating that they did not feel a <br /> new City Hall was needed, it was the consensus of the City Council that (1) an additional <br /> $500,000 from the Fiscal Year Budget 2015-16 be added to the New City Hall fund; (2) $3,500 <br /> be allocated in the FY 2016-17 Budget for new banners on Santa Anita Avenue; (3) staff to <br /> follow-up regarding trash pick-up on freeway on/off ramps; (4) $15,000 be allocated for coyote <br /> education; staff to follow-up with Southern California Edison regarding what can be placed on <br /> Edison poles; and (5) staff to set, up a meeting with the Race Track to meet with City staff, <br /> Mayor Beck, and Council Member Chandler regarding potential development on race track <br /> property, to figure out how the City can make more money from either wagering or taxes at the <br /> race track. <br /> Mayor Beck adjourned the Special Meeting at 7:57 p.m. <br /> Mayor of the City o Arcadia <br /> ATTEST: <br /> • " -- <br /> Chiec•puty City Clerk/ <br /> Reco!!.s Manager <br /> 1 05-25-2016 <br />