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ARCADIA CITY COUNCIL <br /> REGULAR MEETING MINUTES <br /> VINRA <br /> TUESDAY, JANUARY 19, 2016 <br /> CALL TO ORDER— Mayor Kovacic called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. <br /> INVOCATION - Reverend Terry Keenen, The Santa Anita Church <br /> PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE — Rona Poli, Arcadia resident <br /> ROLL CALL OF CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS <br /> PRESENT: Council Member Beck, Tay, Chandler, Segal, Tay and Kovacic <br /> ABSENT: None <br /> SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION FROM CITY MANAGER REGARDING AGENDA ITEMS <br /> City Manager Lazzaretto announced that regarding Public Hearing Item 1.b. (the Nevis Capital <br /> project), items received and distributed to the City Council were (1) a letter from the Boy Scouts; <br /> (2) revised Conditions of Approval relating to conditions 1 and 23; and (3) petitions from several <br /> households, which will be discussed in open session. <br /> MOTION TO READ ALL ORDINANCES AND RESOLUTIONS BY TITLE ONLY AND WAIVE <br /> THE READING IN FULL <br /> PIM <br /> A motion was made by Council Member Tay, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Chandler to read all <br /> ordinances and resolutions by title only and waive the reading in full. <br /> Mayor Kovacic provided an update on the condition of Arcadia Fire Captain Tom Devlin who <br /> was injured on December 26, 2015, while on a mutual aid call in the City of Monrovia; and asked <br /> Fire Chief Norwood to provide additional information. <br /> In response to Mayor Kovacic's request, Fire Chief Norwood provided additional information <br /> regarding Fire Captain Devlin's recovery and thanked the community for their support. <br /> PRESENTATIONS <br /> a. Presentation of Certificates of Commendation to the Gold Line Grade Separation <br /> Bond Citizens Oversight Committee for their efforts regarding the Citizens' Bond <br /> for the building of the Gold Line Santa Anita Avenue Bridge. <br /> b. Presentation of Certificates of Commendation to the founding members of the <br /> "Arcadians Supporting a Committee for Measure A" for their efforts in <br /> successfully supporting the general obligation bond measure for the building of <br /> the Gold Line Santa Anita Avenue Bridge. <br /> c. Presentation of Certificate of Commendation to Arcadia resident and Pasadena <br /> Tournament of Roses Princess Rachelle Chacal Renee Liu. <br /> ono <br /> View Full Version of this City Council Meeting <br /> 1 01/19/2016 <br />